Things My Clients Wish They Knew Before They Started Their Fitness Journey

Last week I asked my clients and Strongfident members this question:

“If there was one thing that you’ve learnt, and could tell yourself at the start of your fitness journey, what would it be?”

The reason for this was twofold.

  1. I wanted them to think about their journey so far and how it made them feel.
  2. I knew their answers could help people who were just beginning or currently in the process of their fitness journey.

So that’s my plan for this post.

To share with you my clients answers in the hope that they help you get the most from your fitness journey. Whether you are just beginning or already well on your way to reaching your goals.

Here are the responses……


I’m really surprised at how strong I am. As I’ve developed though I’ve become more focused on having fun and enjoying feeling good about myself. The confidence gained actually far out ways my physical appearance and I’m super proud that I’ve stuck to it. So I guess I would have told myself to relax, have fun and be proud of every little accomplishment. – Annie

Annie has lost 3.5kg of fat and gained 1kg of muscle in the last 12 weeks. "Ladies and gentlemen, I totally just put on a pair of shorts and for the first time ever actually felt comfortable enough to consider a public appearance."
Annie has lost 3.5kg of fat and gained 1kg of muscle in the last 12 weeks.

I think I’d tell myself that doing loads of exercise doesn’t compensate for your diet. That concentrating on what you eat more is so important. To give myself time for a healthy and sustainable diet. – Rhiannon

I’d tell myself that at some point I’ll run a 10k race and come 66th out of 230 and it will be easier than I think so stick with it, it’s worth it. – Carl

I’m surprised at how quickly I’ve jumped up the weights, I think I’d tell myself I’m stronger that I thought I was so have confidence and go for it. – Jess

That I can enjoy the foods I love without feeling guilty. No food is bad, its all in context to your goal and calorie intake. It’s not a one size fits all. Which makes such a difference if you are a foodie like me. – Nombali

Be consistent; you’ll learn to enjoy it. – Dan

This is your only life for sure, why not try to make the best version of it? – Ana

Learn and be patient and remember you are stronger today than you were yesterday. – Chris

Don’t spend money on all the supplements you can find. Nail your diet first and then don’t worry about all the little details like meal timing and having casein before bed. – Ian

That you can’t out exercise a bad diet and that rest is important too! – Lou

To block out the comments of “can’t do it” “won’t stick at it” from people (and even yourself) To ignore their opinions and remarks as soon enough they will ask how you have achieved your goals not why you started! You decided to make the change for you… Remember that! No one else is as important as you, and it’s perfectly OK to be selfish at times to achieve your goals! So stick with it. – Sarah

You will never feel the full achievement of what you did today until the tomorrows to come. This isn’t a computer game, you can’t have a measurement of your efforts. You will level up if you grind everyday. – Mike

Small changes to my lifestyle have helped me. No fad diets and quick fixes. – Scot

You should train in a way that is fun for you or else it will become a slog. – Andy

For me its all about patience & realistic time frames. I’m definitely not where I want to be but I know I’m not where I was. I actually look forward to the sessions. If I don’ t attend because I’ve made excuses I’m really disappointed in myself as I now expect more from myself. – Nombali

So there you have it.

A variety of answers that you can use as guidance and inspiration on your own journey.

Health and fitness is not a short journey.

It is not something that can be rushed and there are no quick fixes.

It takes time, patience and consistency BUT with the right attitude and mindset, getting fitter and healthier is possible for everyone.

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