The “Fuck It” Mentality


3 weeks ago I was medically discharged from the RAF (Royal Air Force) at short notice. My whole life plan had backfired. A lot of what I had set out to do in 2016 could no longer happen. For many this would be a disaster. It was. For a whole 2 days. Because that’s the only amount of time I would let it be.

Here’s the thing; when life throws a curve ball it separates the weak from the strong. It’s at this point that most people start to blame everything but themselves for how shitty their life is. You will lose if you stay in this place for too long.

Fortunately it’s all on you to turn it around. Sure, it sucked that I had to leave the forces. But I accepted that the ability to get my life back on track was in my hands. That’s power.

It’s all too easy to blame other people or bad luck for things that are going on in your life. How far has that ever got you? Taking responsibility is hard. You have to stand up and be counted. So be it. You’ll earn more respect accepting responsibility than you ever will being weak and blaming others. You’re better than that. You can carry on feeling miserable or you can adopt the “fuck it” mentality and move on.

The “fuck it” mentality isn’t just about forgetting whatever is going wrong in your life. That won’t help you. It’s about taking responsibility for the things that happen, learning from them, applying what you’ve learnt and then moving forward.

I took responsibility for what had happened. Within 2 days I had rang up my old work and got my job as a barman back. This is a stopgap but it means I have money coming in. I took action rather than waiting around for life to happen. This is key.

I then sat down, drew up a list of life lessons I had learnt during my time in the military and started figuring out how I could apply them. Having knowledge is useless if you don’t apply what you know. Application is power.

Now I’m moving forward. I set up this blog to share my ideas. I have a career in the pipeline and I’ve started dating a wonderful, attractive and caring woman.

So despite the shitty start to 2016 I’ve managed to run it all round. No matter what is going on in your life right now, you can do the same. Adopt the “fuck it” mentality and start moving forward. You’ve got it in you.

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