How Being More Selfish With Your Goals Will Improve Your Life

You need to be more selfish to achieve your goals. You have to. In doing so you actually end up being unselfish. Allow me to explain….

The other day I kept putting off training. I just couldn’t get motivated to do anything. Now at the time I was working on a few performance goals – things like mastering the 1 arm chin up – which has been taking up a lot of my time. So there I was putting off training so I could spend some time with my family. Now you may consider that a good thing – and to an extent it was – but I ended up missing my session. This was a problem. I ended up annoyed and frustrated with myself. I started getting pissed off with things that wouldn’t usually bother me. My frame of mind wasn’t right.

It turns out that the negative frame of mind meant I didn’t enjoy the time I had with my family. I was too annoyed with myself. I hadn’t been selfish enough.

By being selfish you are also being unselfish. Take my story. If I’d have taken 40 minutes to go and train I would have been in a much better mood. I’d have had a good time with my family and accomplished my training goal. So would 40 minutes of selfish time have been worth it? Most definitely.

Think about it for a second. Think about your goal. If you end being a little selfish to do it, you’ll more than likely have a positive influence on the lives around you. And so it goes full circle. Being selfish and putting you first can lead to you having better relationships. If you feel better, then you’ll act better and also do better. The connection is clear.

When you are working towards something it is okay to be selfish. In fact it’s a necessity. Having balance in your life is all well and good but if you want to be truly successful you have to become obsessed. At least for parts of your life. Moderation is overrated. Be more selfish.

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