7 Ways Lifting Weights Improves Your Life

Lifting weights does more for you than make you look better. Sure, you’ll get stronger, lose fat, and fill out your T-shirts more. That’s fucking fantastic. Arguably though, it’s what lifting weights and getting in better shape does for the rest of your life that’s more important.

Improvement #1 – Increased Confidence

Building some muscle and losing excess fat will increase your confidence. That’s a fact. Confidence separates the weak from the strong. People with more confidence get more out of life. They have more respect and get away with more. Confidence is one of the keys to life. Without it you aren’t going to get far.

Have you ever seen a muscular man who lacked confidence? Unlikely. Building a better body is your ticket to improving your confidence. Start lifting some weights and get to it.

(Note: I wrote an article on 5 Ways To Build Your Confidence. Read it here.)


Improvement #2 – Builds Discipline

Freedom in life comes from being disciplined. As with confidence, without developing your self-discipline you aren’t going to get far. There isn’t always going to be somebody watching over you. You’ve got to have the ability to set aside time and do things yourself.

How does lifting weights teach you this? Going to the gym 4-5 times a week to build your body requires discipline. It requires you to develop a routine. You can’t rely on motivation to get the job done for you. It won’t always be there. You have to be disciplined enough to turn up on the days you don’t want to. That’s how winners are made. Do this consistently for 3-4 years and you’ll be a completely different person. Trust me.

Improvement #3 – Increased Female Attention

This is a big one. Women prefer men who look after their bodies. They want to know you can look after them. It’s your duty. Who is more likely to get the girl – the skinny, dorky looking dude or the muscular, confident looking man? Only one winner there. Build some muscle and start talking to girls. You’ll soon get more dates.

From a female perspective, men are likely to be more attracted to you if they know you care about how your own body looks. Start working on it.

Improvement #4 – Teaches Patience

5 years ago I weighed 140 pounds dripping wet. Fast forward 5 years and I’m up to a lean 190. This is no accident. Consistency and patience have got me to this stage. Your results will take time. Once you accept this the process gets easier.


Lifting weights teaches you that results don’t happen overnight. You have to put in the work. After your first year or two of training, results begin to slow down. You have to stick with it. The results are worth waiting for.

Patience is an overrated concept in life. Most things worthwhile take time to build. Your body is no different. Lifting weights consistently teaches you this valuable life skill.

Improvement #5 – Develops Your Mindset

Your mindset is often the difference between being successful and being a loser. How you view yourself matters. If you are constantly putting yourself down you will lose. If you walk around thinking life isn’t fair and that the world owes you something, you will lose. That is a weak mindset and it’s all too common in modern society.

If this is how you view yourself, it will portray to the people around you. They will see you as weak and thus won’t respect you. Lifting weights helps build you up both physically and mentally. You’ll feel better about yourself. This leads to you acting and doing better. Lifting weights is just a small piece to the mindset puzzle.

I recommend you check out Mike Cernovich’s book, Gorilla Mindset, to reach your full potential. It’s a game changer.

Improvement #6 – Demands Respect

Whenever I see someone who I can tell puts the hours in at the gym, they gain more respect from me. Why? Because I know the work and discipline it takes to consistently show up. They have earnt my respect and providing they aren’t a dick when they open their mouth, that respect will remain.

Lifting weights gives you more kudos – from peers and strangers. It shows that you give a fuck. People who are out of shape are basically telling the world they have given up. If that’s not a reason to start lifting weights and working on your body I don’t know what is.

Improvement #7 – Reinforces Positive Habits

Going to the gym and lifting weights is an excellent habit. It enhances every single area of your life. Habits dictate your actions. Your actions are your priorities. If you develop the habit of going to the gym, building your body will become a priority and all the above points will start to fall into place.

Building new habits is a process. It takes time. Lifting weights is one of the best habits to develop when it comes to leading a better and stronger life. My advice to anyone would be to start with that habit before even thinking about others. Get yourself to the gym, lift some weights and tell me how you feel about yourself after. It’s powerful.


Lifting weights transformed my life. It can transform yours too if you give it the time, respect and patience it deserves. The above points are all areas which lead to rapid improvements in your life. You have a choice. Start lifting and making positive changes to your life or don’t and stay exactly where you are right now.

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