Is Your Breakfast Actually Healthy?

“I always have a healthy breakfast……yoghurt, berries, honey and a smoothie”

I hear that kind of comment A LOT…

But what if that isn’t so healthy? What is that isn’t actually helping you towards your goal?

Here’s a fine example…


On the left = 550 calories

Full fat yoghurt
Super food smoothie

On the right = 250 calories

Low fat yoghurt
Vanilla protein powder

These two breakfasts may look the same but their calorie totals tell a different story…..

There is a massive 300 calorie difference between each of these breakfasts.

Sure, they both look “healthy”but if you are a 5’3 woman who is trying to lose weight, a 550 calorie breakfast is going to make a large dent in your relatively small calorie target.

Where as a 250 calorie breakfast, that is likely just as filling, is going to be much more manageable.

Remember, just because something looks healthy it doesn’t mean it is.

Look at the big picture.

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