This is Nombali. Here she is holding 7kg of sugar….because that’s how much fat she’s lost in the past 4 months.
And I wanted everyone to see what that looked like visually. She’s actually up to 9kg lost now.


“Just tried on a jumpsuit I bought 2 years ago which I didn’t fit in . Like most women I bought in the hope that one day it would fit. That day is today, two years on and it fits and I feel amazing!!

I’ve never been one that lacks in confidence, I’ve always been happy with who I am inside. Now, how I look and feel reflects my inner confidence. I’m still not where I want to be but I’m definitely not where I began! It’s all about the small victories .

I genuinely could not have achieved what I have without you. I am extremely grateful for your continuous support and knowledge you pass on. You are definitely one of the few individuals that has made a positive difference in my life. Don’t ever under value your skills and talent. The fact you make a difference in people lives is a gift.

From the bottom of my heart thank so much.”

This is Jess. She’s dropped over 2 dress size in the past few months and is stronger and healthier than ever before. She’s lost over 3 inches of fat from her hips and waist and her whole attitude towards health and fitness has changed. You can read about how Jess accomplished these results here.


This is Annie. In the past year Annie has dropped 10kg, got stronger and gained a tonne of confidence in how she looks and feels.


This is Katy. Over an 18 week period she last 18kg of weight and as a result is down a couple of dress sizes. There was nothing special about the training and nutrition systems we used to achieve these results.


The reason Katy’s done such an amazing job and made outstanding progress is because of her outrageous work ethic and determination. She never stops. Never quits. Never gives up.

Day after day she gives it everything she’s got and, most importantly, she doesn’t let the “bad” days get to her. Shit happens. Life throws her a curve ball. So she recognises it, lives life, and gets back on track immediately.

That’s why Katy is doing so well. And that’s why she’ll continue to succeed.

This is Mike. Mike and I worked together online to help him get in the best shape of his life. Through a smart diet plan that suited his life and intelligent programming, Mike got awesome results training 3 timers per week.


Having used trainers one to one in gyms before, it’s a completely different experience to working with Jack, he doesn’t just list exercises and tell you to workout harder. It’s more interactive and the advice he gives is often unexpected but understandable. I know I’ve got a way to go but the results I’m getting out of myself are much more sustainable, I know going forward that my lifestyle, confidence and health will continually improve. Highly recommend the Strongfident approach!

This is Sue. Sue has lost over 3 stone in the past year. Through making better food choices and exercising where she can, she has reaped the rewards.

Here's an example of an amazing before & after progress photo from my online client Sue.

Jack suggested as I have a pool that I start off with some swimming, building up on the lengths I swam each few days. Jack discussed diet and exercise plans with me and menus of smoothies etc. He worked with me to help build up my protein intake to curb my hunger levels. The advice was top notch and Jack was always to hand whenever I needed help and encouragement. I took a photo of myself as he had suggested to remind me how I looked at the beginning and then one each week for the duration we worked together. So I started with my lengths – 20 first few days and slowly slowly building up – eventually swimming around 100 lengths by the end of the 28 days. All the way Jack supported me and told me to have odd days of rest in between. I couldn’t believe how fit I felt after such a short time and when I took a photo each week I could see the difference it was all making. I still swim lots and now even go walking. I have currently lost over 3 stone and am feeling amazing. Jack still keeps in touch with support, advice and encouragement and I now regularly exercise as part of my life. The workout plans were great and easy to follow showing days of exercise and days of rest and proved that no matter what your age or size anything is achievable. Many thanks to Jack and Strongfident for all the help and guidance.

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