I Couldn’t Stick To My Diet Because….

Last Wednesday I was in a rush.

I had a shitty sleep. Didn’t prepare any food and had a banging migraine.

It could easily have been one of those days where I reached for the junk food and forgot about my diet.

But here’s the thing, it got me thinking about all the excuses we make for not sticking to our diet.

Things like:

“I was in a rush this morning”
“I didn’t have time to prep any food”
“I bought food out and didn’t have much time”
“Healthy food is too expensive”

They’re all just excuses that I know you’ve probably used.

I’ve used them too.

But we don’t need to.

You can still pick up cheap, tasty and good quality food that fits your goals even when you’re in a rush and life is getting in the way.

Look, I understand life isn’t always easy and that things get in the way.

But you’re an adult.

Nobody forces you to eat that chocolate bar.

Nobody makes you buy that burger for lunch.

You have the ability to make better choices.

And often that’s what it comes down to.

Now, I’m all for fitting the odd treat in to your diet.

You can and you should.

But not having time isn’t an excuse to just drop your diet.

Especially if it happens more than a couple of times per week. Those extra calories soon add up.

Re-wind back to last Wednesday when I was in a rush.

I could have made a shitty decision for lunch.

But I didn’t.

Here’s what I had:

Sweet chilli chicken
Mixed crunchy salad
Grapes and strawberries

in a rush

316 calories ✔
40g protein ✔
30g carbs ✔
4g fat ✔

Low calorie. Lot’s of vitamins. Ample protein. Pretty damp tasty too.

Total cost? Less than £4. Cheaper than most fast food.

Buying healthy food that fits your diet isn’t that hard.

It just requires a little thought and a healthy dose of perspective.

So the next time you’re in a rush, or fail to prepare, don’t stress. You can still grab decent food that supports your goal.

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