Don’t Quit

Don’t quit.

Not now. Not ever.

The scale won’t always tell you the whole picture.

You’ll have bad days.

You’ll give in to peer pressure and go out drinking.

Your friend will tempt you with doughnuts and chocolate at work.

Don’t quit.

You’ll skip the gym.

You’ll weigh yourself every week and sometimes see no progress.

You’ll be tempted to slip back into old habits.

You’ll be hungry from time to time.

Don’t quit.

The scale not moving in the right direction is one of the main reasons people quit.

There’s a couple of reasons why it may not be moving:

  1. When you first start training, your muscles store more water and more glycogen. That isn’t something that is going to continue forever. The scale may not move if this is going on. It doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress or losing fat.
  2. If you are new (ish) to training, it is possible you are building muscle and losing fat at the same time. If you lose 2kg of fat but add 2kg of muscle, the scale reading will stay the same. But you will look and feel different. The scale does not tell the whole story.
  3. For women, when you go through your menstrual cycle, you will likely be a little heavier. This does not mean you have put on fat and it will normalise.

Your measurements are down.

You’re getting stronger.

Your clothes are looser.

But the scale hasn’t moved.

Doesn’t matter. You’re making progress.

Don’t quit when the scale doesn’t move.

Keep going.

It will start to fall.

Just don’t quit.

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