How To Drop A Dress Size In 8 Weeks

Recently one of my Strongfident ladies, Jess, dropped a dress size in 8 weeks.

Want to know how she did it?

Well, I put Jess on a low carb, low fat, clean eating, fasting, no alcohol diet and she had to train 7 days a week doing endless hours of cardio.

Of course I’m joking.

Jess’s impressive transformation is a result of simplicity and consistency. And using the Strongfident system, it is isn’t uncommon.


In fact, it’s a standard result that I get with my clients. Women dropping a dress size or 2. Men dropping a pants size or 2.

Want to know the best bit?

Jess has actually dropped more than a dress size and has lost 3 inches from her waist and hips.

She did it without counting calories
She trained for no more than 3-4 hours per week
She didn’t starve herself or never eat junk food

Jess followed a sensible eating plan with zero calorie counting.

She’s made it to the gym to strength train at least 3 x per week following the plans I have put together for her.

And she’s still enjoyed the odd night out, glasses of wine and cake.

Here’s what her diet looked like 80% of the time:

  • Oats with protein powder and almond milk for breakfast
  • Either salad or soup for lunch
  • And a lean dinner consisting of some form of meat/fish, lot’s of veggies and carbs when she felt like them
  • Usually follow dinner with a rice pudding or fresh pineapple

On top of that Jess allowed her some junk food and a few glasses of wine spread 1-2 days throughout the week.

Her high protein meals meant that she had an easier time cutting out snacks which led to a reduced number of calories. (For more on the importance of protein for fat loss, read this:

Throughout this process Jess’s whole attitude towards health and fitness has changed. And as a result she is reaping the rewards.

Her diet is no longer restrictive and she genuinely enjoys the food she is eating on a weekly basis. She doesn’t feel deprived and looks forward to her training sessions.

Not only can she pump out push ups for fun, she can also push over 150kg on the infamous prowler.

8 weeks later and a whole dress size smaller she is feeling better than ever and more importantly she is enjoying the lifestyle.

Jess’s success comes down to hard work and consistency. She committed to the process and hasn’t looked back.

It’s a simple but effective plan tat I feel anyone can stick to if they out mind to it.

Do you want to drop a dress size over the next 8 weeks?

Use Jess’s story as inspiration and get started today. There’s no time like the present.

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