The Easiest Weight Loss Trick(s) In The World

What we have here are possibly the easiest weight loss trick(s) in the world….

You don’t need to remove certain foods from your diet.

You just need to eat less of them.

Does that go against everything you’ve ever heard? Hear me out…

How may times have you said:

“The diet starts now. No bread, no ice cream, no chocolate and no alcohol.”

How long does that usually last?

A day? A week? A month at most?

That’s because you likely don’t have the ability or willpower to completely restrict yourself from eating the foods you love.

And why would you? You love them for a reason….

So by removing the foods you love from your diet you are actually setting yourself up for failure.

What if, instead of relying on willpower, you just used smart strategies to stop you eating as much?

Here are some ideas:

– Cook more of your meals at home

Seriously, this one thing alone will save you a lot of calories and you’ll become a better cook too.

– Use smaller plates/bowls

This works on two levels. 1) You can fit less food on the plate. 2) It looks like you’re eating more because the plate is smaller. Win/win.

– Don’t keep *junk* food in the house

This way if you really want junk food you have to actually go out and buy it. Can you really be bothered to do that? Unlikely.

– Got sweets or chocolate on your desk at work? Move them to another place

“It’s easier to move your chocolate to another place than it is to resist eating it when it’s on your desk”

– Don’t keep processed foods out on show.

You are far more likely to eat something after a hard day at work if it’s the first thing you see when you get in. Put the cereal in the furthest cupboard away. Make sure there is a bowl of fruit on show.

– Buy a slow cooker

The slow cooker is your best friend when it comes to fat loss. Especially in the winter.

Pick a protein source (my go to’s are chicken or lean beef), throw in some veggies, add or make a sauce/broth. That’s it. If you want to, throw in some carbs too.

Then let it cook while you’re out at work. Dinner is ready as soon as get in and you’ll likely have enough for the next day too.

These 6 simple strategies can make a huge difference to your weight loss efforts.

It’s easy to focus on removing food and promising yourself you won’t eat certain foods.

It’s much harder to actually do.

Hence why you may have failed before.

You can set yourself up to win on your diet.

Try these simple steps and see what happens.

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