On Fitness Goals & Consistency

Too many people want their fitness results yesterday. Everyday I talk to people who are frustrated with their lack of results or more often than not, how slowly their results seem to be coming.
Fitness goals are no different from anything else in life. Your business, your relationships, your diet – they all require you to earn your success.
The process of reaching your fitness goals isn’t sexy. Success in the long run comes down to showing up and putting in the work. Consistently. Your results won’t happen overnight. You have to earn them.
Having an end goal is important BUT focusing on the day to day tasks (the process) that will take you to the end goal is so important.
You need to embrace and enjoy the process. Focus on the 1% and doing that 1% better everyday.
When you consistently focus on each day, your big picture goal will become more of a reality. Taking consistent action that supports your end goal is crucial if you want the results you crave.
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