Have Your Cake & Eat It


That’s me eating chocolate cake and goofing around on Snapchat.

But there’s an important message behind it.

There’s this stigma that personal trainers & fitness professionals shouldn’t eat junk food.

It’s common for me to be around friends, eating pizza and for them to say, “Jack, you sure you should be eating that?”

I used to get mad at that question.

It use to annoy me.

Now I just do a better job at explaining why it’s more than okay.

You see, I’m not perfect. I’m human.

I enjoy junk food. Ice cream is at the top of that list. As is pizza and chocolate cake.

Being lean and healthy isn’t all about eating broccoli and chicken. Sure 85-90% of my meals are what you would consider healthy. The other 10-15% is open to interpretation.

As long as my diet has more protein, less calories than the average person eats and for the most part, better quality carbs & fats than the average person eats, I’ll continue to get results.

It’s a simple but effective strategy. More protein, less calories, better quality carbs and fats. Done.

Here’s the 6 key steps you need to follow to get in better shape:

  • Eat enough calories to support your goal
  • Eat unprocessed foods as often as possible
  • Sleep more. I know you aren’t getting enough.
  • Consume enough protein – 1 gram per pound of bodyweight is likley the most you’ll need.
  • Train with enough volume to support your goal
  • Chill out from time to time and enjoy some drinks/junk food.

And then, yes, sometimes go all in on some junk food. That shouldn’t be a big deal.

I do it. My clients do it. They get results whilst still enjoying their food.

Depriving yourself of certain foods *may* be necessary in certain situations. But for most of you reading this, completely restricting the foods you eat will not help you.

Whether you choose moderation or take an all or nothing approach, eating the odd bit of junk food won’t ruin all your hard work.

From a psychological point of view, knowing I can eat these foods occasionally and remain lean & strong makes me happy.

The key word there is “occasionally”. You can’t expect to get results if you sit and eat chocolate all day. You know that as well as I do.

Focus on the points I’ve highlighted above and if you need any help, drop me a message here.

Now pass me the chocolate cake.

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