Why Low Carb Diets May Not Help You Lose Weight

Low carb diets seem to be the popular way to lose weight right now.

Paleo and The Atkins Diet are all the rage.

There are countless stories of how people have lost a bunch of weight following low carb diets.

But what about those who struggle with losing weight eating low carbs?

Why is it that some people struggle more than others? Is eating low carb the best way to lose fat for everyone?

It’s possible that eating low carbs is hindering your progress and stopping you losing weight.

There’s nothing magical about dropping carbs from your diet. When you reduce your carb intake you’ll decrease the amount of calories you are eating. (providing everything else remains the same).

When you start burning more calories than you are eating you will lose weight.

So why is that when some people lower their carbs they still can’t lose weight?

The simple answer is that they are still consuming too many calories -usually in the form of fat.

In this video I’ll explain why deciding to go low carb may not help you lose weight.

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