Why Your Scale Weight May Not Be Moving

It’s Monday morning. You wake up, wash your face, do your teeth and decide to jump on the scale to check your progress.

To your dismay, the number hasn’t moved. You still weigh exactly the same. Not the start to the week you wanted.

You’re doing everything right.

You are training 3-4 times per week
You are in a calorie deficit – eating less calories than your body uses
You are tracking what you eat and making sure you are mindful of what you’re trying to achieve
You are getting to bed at a reasonable time and sleeping well

So why hasn’t the scale moved in the first few weeks of your new regime? Why is it still staring back at you with the same number?

Just because the scale isn’t moving, it doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress.

There are many ways to measure your fat loss progress. The scale is just one way. It’s not the be all and end all. Yes, it’s nice to see the number on the scale going down. I understand that. But don’t get disheartened if it isn’t moving in the direction you’d like it to. At least not initially.

There’s a few reasons why the scale may not be moving…

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