How To Shop For Fat Loss & Health

When you go food shopping, do you go in with a plan or do you just mindlessly wander the aisles picking up anything that takes your fancy?

Do you consider the way the store is set up and how that ties in to your health & fitness goals?

Most food stores are laid out in the same way. The sides of the store is where you want to do most of your shopping.


That’s where the fresh fruit, veg, deli meats and eggs/dairy is kept. You want the bulk of your diet to come from these simple, wholesome foods.

The middle of the store is where the processed foods are kept. The more you can avoid this section, the better.

The only exception to this rule is the frozen section. Frozen veggies, frozen fish and frozen meat can be useful to have on hand. They are still nutritious and are super convenient. Plus they keep longer.

The next time you go shopping, pay attention to the layout and stick to the aisles with the stuff you know you should be eating

If you don’t buy junk food, you won’t eat it. Remove the temptation.

Here is an example of a big shop I did earlier. This will last me 10-14 days and it’s full of nutritious, wholesome food…


Pictured above we have:

45 eggs
2kg chicken
750g beef
8 cans of tuna
4 cans of mackerel
1kg of salmon
2kg frozen veg
2kg oats
1.5kg low fat yogurt

I’ll already had some rice, pasta and cous cous in the house so had no need to buy more.

That’s it. Lot’s of protein packed food. Lot’s of veggies. Stuff that I know fits my diet and taste.

Can you start shopping the same way?

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