The Monday Mindset

Monday seems to be everyone’s favourite day to start something. Why? What is so special about Monday? People use Monday as a scapegoat. They use it as a way to justify their actions and reassure themselves that they’ll get back on track soon. This is a weak mentality. People who use this approach lack discipline and will never reach their goals.


This is the type of sequence I am talking about:

That moment when “I’ll just eat one brownie” turns into “I’ll just have one cheat meal” then “just one cheat day” then “just this weekend.” It’s pretty much a never ending cycle of binging and indulgence. Usually followed by guilt. The result? A lack of progress and a world of frustration.

As a personal trainer and online coach I support the occasional indulgence in your life. Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t about restricting yourself from things you love. At least not all the time. I’m the first to scoop myself a bowl of ice cream or pour myself a cold one. Sure, there will be periods when you have to go without. That’s part of the process if you want to succeed in your health & fitness goals. The problem isn’t with indulging from time to time. The problem arises when a ritual of enjoyment becomes habitual and you procrastinate getting back on track. We’ll call this the “The Monday Mindset”.

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Enter The Monday Mindset

The Monday mindset is a poisonous mentality that is holding you back.

The Monday Mindset is the “I’ll start tomorrow” mentality. Which then becomes the “I’ll start Monday” mentality. You put off getting back into your good habits that support your goals, and instead wallow in one mistake or indulgence. You end up focusing on what you should have done rather that what you can currently do to make the situation better.

Why do you feel you have to “start again” on Monday when you slip up on your diet or exercise plan? There’s no rule written in the book of all things fitness labelling Monday as the official start day to get back on track. Monday is a day just like any other. Just because you eat some cake on Friday, doesn’t mean your diet is ruined and you should binge until Monday. That makes zero sense.

Stop starting over on Monday. If you mess up and eat something indulgent or you skip a gym session, don’t wallow in that mistake and dig yourself into a hole. Instead pick yourself back up and recommit your self to your goals. Get back on track straight away. So what if you gave into temptation at lunch. Don’t use that as an excuse to keep overeating or continue making bad choices. Don’t allow yourself to say, “I’ll eat healthier tomorrow” or “I’ll start again on Monday.” Regain control by making healthier choices immediately. Start right now. You have more discipline than you think. Start using it.

All it takes is a change in your mindset and perhaps a change in your habits. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. This isn’t a quick fire way to take your results to the next level. It will take time, patience and effort. One mistake does not mean you have lost. Make the decision to own your habits. If you fuck up, accept responsibility and move on.

Stopping yourself from developing The Monday Mindset is a must. Don’t delay your progress over one fuck up. Embrace it. Learn from it. Or start again on Monday and fall further behind the pack.

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