The Perfect Diet & Training Plan


See Mike up there ^^^? He didn’t follow a magical and perfect diet & training plan.


Because he didn’t need to.

When Mike got in touch with me, we put together a plan that suited his lifestyle and goals. It wasn’t perfect but it worked.

It worked because he stuck with it.

People spend too long looking for the “perfect” plan to help them get the results they crave. In reality you’re better off picking a plan that suits your lifestyle and goals. Then ruthlessly committing to the process and sticking with it.

For 95% of you this is what you need to do.

We can discuss the benefits & drawbacks of low carb diets vs low fat diets all day. But it’s irrelevant if you can’t make either of them work for you.

The same goes for whether you follow a 3 day training plan or 4. Will one get you better results than the other? Maybe. But that doesn’t matter if you can’t commit to it.

Listen, it all works.

How To Create The “Perfect” Diet & Training Plan

  • Eat in accordance with your goals – for fat loss be in a calorie deficit. For muscle gain be in a moderate calorie surplus
  • Eat enough protein
  • Stay hydrated
  • Allow yourself flexibility to eat the occasional junk food. Stick to the 80-90% principle
  • Train like you mean it. Don’t push yourself to physical exhaustion but don’t coast through your training sessions either. Showing up is one thing but you’ve still got to put in the work.
  • Follow a programme that you can commit to fully. Don’t jump in half heartedly.

There’s no perfect training plan.

The best plan for you is the one that allows you to reach your goals. That’s it.

Don’t be constantly looking for the “perfect” plan. Finish what you start before you start looking around for something better.

Seriously, I’ve made progress training 3 days per week. I’ve made progress training 5. I’ve even reached goals training twice per week.

It all depends on where you are currently at and how your life is set up.

Keep your eye on the prize, stay motivated and stay committed to the process. You can do this.

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