The #1 Way To Build Confidence

Type in “how to build your confidence” on Google and you get 297,000,000 results. Clearly this is a topic many people struggle with.

Lacking confidence in certain situations is almost inevitable. Confidence is situational and if you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment there’s a chance it own’t be there. This is normal.

Here’s the first piece of advice I give to people when they ask for help building confidence:

Forget trying to be positive all the time. Forget trying to impress others. Forget preparing yourself. Forget everything else. Your only focus should be on doing something.

Why? Confidence comes from momentum. Momentum comes from action. Taking action is the cornerstone of building more confidence.

Taking the first step is always the hardest. That’s where most people fail. They either don’t take the first step or they quit as soon as they hit the first hurdle.

The thing is, you weren’t born a quitter. You didn’t stop trying when you fell the first time you tried to walk. No. Quitting and failing to start is something you learnt. This is good news for you – it means you weren’t born this way. You can change it.

When you lack confidence, taking action is your best friend. You should treat it as such.

What kind of action am I talking about? Anything.

  • Cook a new meal
  • Learn a new skill
  • Arrange to meet up with a friend
  • Download a dating app, like Tinder, and start talking to people better yet, go out to a bar and meet people
  • Go to the gym and work on your body
  • Buy some new clothes

Taking action is simplest but hardest advice for most people take. Why? Because it requires that you actually DO something.

I promise you every action you take will be another notch on the confidence belt. The risk is worth the reward. Get to it.

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