Why You Should Think of Fat Loss like a Bank Account

When you open up a new bank account you start with zero. Nothing. The intention to start saving and adding money to your bank account is there – which is awesome. You’ve taken the first step.

As time passes you start saving little bits of money here and there and adding it you your account. Progress is slow at first and after a while you grow a little discouraged.

You’re giving up a lot to start saving. Less nights out with friends, less eating out with work colleagues and you’re beginning to question whether it’s worth the effort.

But you stick with it and keep adding more and more money to your account. You might cave occasionally and spend more than you should but that’s okay. Because for the most part, you’re saving more and more.

Slowly your new account starts to creep up and you realise you’ve got enough saved to start doing the things you enjoy again. Result!

Can you see how fat loss is similar to starting a new bank account?

At first, progress is slow. You might lose a pound or two here or there but your weight keeps fluctuating.

The first few weeks take a lot of willpower and discipline and you’ve got little to show for it. Is it really worth the effort?

You are being far more diligent with your food choices and portion sizes. Your friends think you’re strange and don’t understand why you aren’t going out drinking with them.

But slowly, everything starts to become a little easier and your results start showing. You learn how to manage your new lifestyle whilst still enjoying nights out and indulging occasionally.

If you slip up, you just get right back on track. In the same way when you overspend, you let it go and go back to saving.

See, fat loss and putting savings away aren’t that different. The principles for success remain the same: consistency and patience.

Everything starts with zero. But in time you can build on that zero. Remember this as your start to build on your health and fitness goals.

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