Is the weekend ruining your fat loss goals?

Are you able to stick to your diet during the week but then get off track at the weekend?
You aren’t alone.
This is something I see a lot with my clients.
During the week you have a routine. You make sensible food choices and are able to stick to your daily calorie goals.
Then the weekend comes and all that hard work for the past 5 days goes out the window.
weekend binge
The weekend can be the difference between you getting results and remaining the same.
The good news is that there are things you can do to help…
You know the weekend is coming. It happens every week. So why not plan for it?
Have you got a party coming up?
Are you out drinking with friends?
Is there a social event that you know is going to have a lot of food?
If you know you have things coming up, plan the rest of your week around those events.
You can still have a social life whilst trying to lose fat.
Fat loss is the result of a consistent calorie deficit (eating less than you burn) over a sustained period of time.
One day day here and there won’t harm you. BUT if you overeat at the weekend, you can quite easily wipe out the deficit that you created during the week.
Here are a few ideas that I use with clients to help prevent weekends ruining your progress:
1) Have a bigger calorie deficit during the week and add those extra calories to your weekend.
So, if you are consuming 1500 calories per day and you know that the weekend is going to be a big one, simply reduce your calories during week by 20% and carry them over.
20% of 1500 is 300. This would leave you with 1200 per day during the week and give you an extra 1500 calories to play with during the weekend.
This is a useful way of avoiding overeating at the weekend whilst still not feeling deprived during your diet.
Note: This isn’t an excuse or a reason to binge every weekend. If you are doing that, your results will be slower. Be sensible.
2) I quite often have my clients reduce the amount of food they eat during the daytime at the weekend to allow them extra calories in the evening.
This means you can still eat BIG at the social event/party whilst still remaining on track.
To do this it’s a good idea to eat lot’s of low fat protein and veggies during the day.
Foods like white meat, white fish, protein powder, low fat dairy and a variety of veggies work well here.
These types of food will fill you up without providing lot’s of calories.
If you don’t want to alter your calories during the week, this is a really simple way to still enjoy the weekend.
Note: Again be sensible. Just because you haven’t eaten much during the day, doesn’t mean you can go on a mad binge. Calories still count.
It’s worth noting that if fat loss is your goal, you need to prioritise it.
And yes, that may mean giving up the odd social event. If it’s important you then it shouldn’t matter.
That said, you don’t have to be a hermit when you’re trying to lose fat.
You just have to plan for these events and be sensible about it when they arise.
There is no reason you can’t enjoy your weekend whilst still getting in better shape.
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