Will Weight Training Make Women Bulky?

Will weight training make women bulky?

The simple answer? No.

Training with weights will not suddenly make you ‘bulk up’. When anyone starts training with weights, 2 things happen:

You will build some muscle, and, providing your diet is in check, lose some fat. – The magazines  call this ‘toning’.

(You can even build muscle and lose fat on a walking programme, so it’s not just weights that do this.)

Below is a picture of my friend Laura. Ladies, this is an example of what a solid diet and weight training can do for you.

IMG_1445 (1)

There are two things that dictate how much muscle you will build, and how much fat you will lose:

1.      Your gender – As a female, it is genetically impossible to build the same quantities of muscle as a man in the same circumstances. That’s not saying it’s impossible for women to build significant quantities of muscle. However, it generally requires twice as much work and potentially some performance enhancing drugs AKA steroids.

2.      Your nutrition – Your nutrition is key to your progress. Your nutrition is what we call ‘permissive’. This means that you can train as hard as you want to achieve something, but your nutrition is key to your success. That’s not to say your training isn’t important. Your training creates the stimulus for your body to change and your nutrition is the part of the puzzle which allows the progress to take place. Together, we can develop strategies to make your nutrition flexible, enjoyable and healthy, whilst allowing you to achieve your goals.

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