What Matters Most For Weight Loss?

Does a particular mix of carbs, fat, and protein in the diet make any difference to weight loss?
“In 1964 a group from the Institute for Medical Research in Oakland, California, examined precisely this issue in case studies of five obese patients who resided in a hospital metabolic ward.
The researchers fed each patient a liquid formula diet containing the same number of calories per day – either 800, 850, or 1200, depending on the patient, for ten weeks or more.
Every three or four weeks the investigators changed the formula to vary its content of protein (from 14 to 36 percent of calories), fat (from 12 to 83 percent of calories), and carbohydrates (3 to 64 percent of calories). – See image below
calories and weight loss
The title of the published report of the study summarised the findings: “Calories Do Count”
ALL the obese patients lost weight at a constant rate, regardless of the macro composition of the diet.
It did not matter whether the fat or carbohydrate was extremely low or high – what mattered was the total calorie deficit”
Take home points:
Providing you are in a calorie deficit, it doesn’t matter where your calories come from.
Your foods should you your taste and lifestyle.
Caveat: Yes, total calories are what matters most. But the ualit of those calories still matters.
Your diet should still be rich in veggies, lean meats, healthy fats and relatively low sugar carbs.
(Thanks to Aadam Ali for bringing this study to my attention.)
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