Will Eating Bread Make You Fat?

I had a conversation with the barista at my local coffee shop this morning.

After I’d ordered my salmon and poached eggs on sour-dough toast she turned and asked “Isn’t bread the devil food for fitness?”

I smiled and said “Not at all. I love bread. It’s more a matter of total calories rather than any given food being “bad” for you. If eating 300g of broccoli meant you went over your daily calorie quota, you’d still put on weight. Calories matter more than any given food source.”

The two most important steps when it comes to losing weight are:

1) Making sure you eat less calories than you burn – a calorie deficit
2) Consuming enough protein – which will help you achieve step 1

If you are in a calorie deficit and eating enough protein that is all most people need to do to start seeing results.

There is no need to demonize certain food groups. Are there more nutritious choices out there other than bread? Possibly. Does that mean you can’t eat it? Of course not.

Bread isn’t bad for you. Sugar isn’t bad for you. None of these things are going to harm you – unless you over consume them. That’s where the issue lies.

Let’s use an example.

If Sue needs to eat 1400 calories per day to lose 1-2 pounds per week, 2 slice of bread is roughly 200 calories (depending on brand/type). That still leaves her 1200 calories to play with that day.

Should she go over that limit on a consistent basis, she’s not going to get the results she wants. That’s not the breads fault. It’s a case of consuming too many calories.

The scaremongering of certain food groups needs to stop. Having a roast chicken and salad sandwich for lunch is not a bad choice if it fits your calorie requirements.

So, yes, in short you can still eat bread whilst you are dieting. You just need to make sure it fits your calorie quota.

If you enjoy a good sandwich, find a way of making it protein rich and fit it into your daily quota. Then have at it.

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