“You’re a personal trainer. You can’t eat that….”

“You’re a personal trainer. You can’t eat that….”

That’s something I hear a lot.

Maybe you’ve thought it when I share some of the foods I eat…

This was my lunch today on date day with my girlfriend.

krispey kreme

Chicken, beef, avocado and bacon burger with sweet potato fries.

Followed up by a Krispy Kreme chocolate nutty doughnut and a banoffee shake.

Pretty damn tasty.

You can’t possibly get in/stay in shape eating foods like this, right?
You can – within the right context…

But this is something I am sharing with you to illustrate a specific point.

My regular diet doesn’t look like this.

My go to lunch is normally a variation of chicken, rice and veggies.

I eat that 90% of the time.

Then 10% of the time I fill my calories with questionable or junk food.


Because I like these foods. In fact, I love them. They make me feel good.

My normal diet rules allow me this flexibility because I am disciplined with my habits the rest of the time.

This suits me and my goals.

Yes, I am a personal trainer. Yes it is my job to educate you about health & fitness

BUT it’s also my job to show you I enjoy the same things as you.

I love milkshakes.
I love whopping burgers.
I love doughnuts.

It’s my job to show you that you can still do these things now and again whilst getting healthier and fitter.

Because you can.

The key words being “now and again”

Would I recommend doing these things daily? No.
Would I recommend you binge on junk food every other day? No.

But can you do it from time to time whilst still getting results? Absolutely.

You just need to build it in to a well thought out plan.

Your diet shouldn’t be so restrictive that you can’t let go once in a while.

But at the same time your diet must reflect your goals/lifestyle and be planned accordingly.

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